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Steam Summer sale is on, prepare your wallets!

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Dit was 'n harde dag van werk en jy moet met die nuus opvang. So knak oop 'n bier, kerf 'n paar stukkies biltong, en kom kyk saam oor die nuutste van tegnologie en speleties.


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Issue 30



A new IP with the code name Horizon has surfaced, it is seemingly going to feature robotic dinosaurs. It seems that it will be a game exclusive to the PS4 and there may be an announcement at the next E3. The person who leaked it says its going to be a huge game, as big as The Witcher 3 and will feature tribal societies.



The game has been reportedly been in development for 3 years already and is being made by Guerilla Games. These pictures will put your imagination to shame.



The Masterplan

This next game is an indie title and as the title suggests its about crime.Its a top down RTS and is out on early access on steam. It sounds much like Payday if you have ever played it. You send your gang of 4 people to a location and loot it and try get to your getaway vehicle before the cops show up. It will have guards and civilians you need to subdue so they don't phone the cops on you. The picture below will give you a general idea on how it will play.



Skynet Versus Cthulhu : Human Resources

If the name of this game doesn't get you excited, wait until you get to see what it actually looks like, or may look like since its a Kickstarter project. Pictures won't do it justice so you will have to click on the video and watch that. I can say its going to be a strategy game with the one side being robots and the other side monsters with huge battles taking place in human populated cities.





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Good Morning Fellow BUDs.


Today I bring you the 29th installment of the headlines, and if you are looking for any of the previous issues, please click the GHL button at the top of the page.


Lords of the Fallen


First up we have some new news from the game LotF plus a new trailer. Ill put up the old and new trailer since I'm sure you all forgot about this game since they got really quiet after revealing the first trailer and gameplay. First video down below is the old trailer and the one after that is how it looks now.






As I am sure I said before this game has a Dark Souls vibe about it, but I think with a more player friendly approach. The release date has been set for 28 - 31 October of this year depending on where you live.


Final Fantasy Batman

Square Enix has announced they are making a bunch of Batman figurines along with the rest of the DC characters in their Play Arts -Kai- series. Below is a picture of one of them.



Heroes Of The Storm

A game many of us haven't even played yet since its only in Alpha right now with a limited number of invites being sent out. They have patched the game and introduced an artifact system much like with LoL where you buy artifacts and put them in slots to make your characters better, you can spend ingame currency or just buy it with real money.


It's kind of pay to win and people aren't taking it well. They have included a new hero as well, Rehgar Earthfury from some comic apparently. Then there is a new map too where you gather seeds which sounds more dull than it really is because if a player has enough seeds they turn into a giant plant golem.





Some more Blizzard news. With Hearthstone they have released the first expansion called Curse Of Naxxramas. It will have 5 "wings" as they call it, the first of which will be free if you log in before September and the rest will cost either 700 gold or 5 pounds each or 18 for them all.



Beating each wing will unlock neutral cards which can be used with any of the decks and there will be a Heroic mode where its much harder and you have  to complete them all in one sitting.




Humble Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle out right now where you can buy Square Enix games.There are 16 games at 3 tiers to be bought and a minimum of $15 will get you all the games.


The full list of games is as follow : Thief Gold (old one), Daikatana, Mini Ninjas (fun game), Anachronox (one of their best games), Hitman, Hitman 2, Deus Ex Invisible Wars, Deus Ex The Fall, Hitman Absolution, Nosgoth Veteran Pack, Battlestation Midway, Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut, Just Cause 2, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Deus Ex GOTY(first one), Kane & Lynx 2 Dog Days.


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